CONSULTING on the Topic of EN 1090

Fit for new Standards

The CE identification of all building products which must comply with the building product regulation (EU) 305/2011 is now compulsory. Orders for metallic parts may only be placed with workshops which have been examined and cetrtified to EN 1090 by an accredited organisation. The new standard demands an even stricter documentation and with it the possibility for comprehensive checking of the production quality.

Qualification of Staff

Quality requires that employees have the nessesary experience and competence. The Messer Cutting Systems Academy offers, as a DVS certified training centre, nummerous courses - each of these recognised as evidence for the employee certification required by EN 1090.


The documented quality concerns the entire manufactoring process in the company: purchasing, good inwards, stores, production and assembly are just as affected as quality control, packing and dispatch.

We can help you

>> With information: what is in the new building standard? To which workshops does it apply? How can I get certified?

>>With advice: We will be happy to give concrete advice after a tour of the factory. We can answear such questions as: How should I prepare for certification? What topics are particular important? Which certification centre is to be recommended?

>>With deeds:annual safety audit of your machines, welding procedures (WPQRs) and yutting procedures (CPQRs), competion of your quality management handbook (QMH)

We will support you in cutting of working samples in that we can check that they fulfil the rectangularity, angle tolerance, surface roughness and hardness of the standard.